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Look and feel young again after Eyelid Surgery & Blepharoplasty

‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul’, as the saying goes. They can tell a lot about a person, his or her lifestyle, state of mind, and, of course, age. As time goes by, though, our skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity. That usually results in unsightly bags under eyes and saggy eyelids that may cause a cascade of vision problems. To prevent them and bring youth back, more and more patients consider cosmetic eye surgery. And if you want to forget about bagginess once and for all, too, you can’t go wrong with Alexander Rabinovich. The board-certified plastic surgeon is available for appointments in New York and will help you get rid of unwanted dark blemishes. Be ready to welcome a radiant look in your eyes again!

In scientific terms, the procedure aimed at repairing bloated eyelids by removing excess tissue that often comes with them is called blepharoplasty. In addition to making your eyes look younger, this surgery can help slightly change their shape, thereby improving your sight. For the icing on the cake, blepharoplasty doesn’t interfere with other cosmetic procedures (skin rejuvenation, brow-, facelift, etc.). That means you can undergo them at the same time.

When it comes to your eye health, you should steer clear of inexperienced surgeons to avoid unfavorable outcomes. Fortunately, Dr. Rabinovich has been performing blepharoplasty in NYC for many years and is well-versed in the latest techniques of the procedure. You’re now in safe hands!

Eye lift surgery in NYC: No more tired look

Dark circles and puffiness may be a hereditary disorder that runs in your family. But you don’t necessarily have to resign yourself to the inevitable. If you’re a good candidate, go for eyelid surgery at our Brooklyn-based clinic and let Dr. Rabinovich take the genetic predisposition factor out of your youthful appearance.

To determine whether blepharoplasty is the perfect choice for you, make sure you inform us about all your current concerns, allergies, and previous diseases (glaucoma, dry eyes, etc.). We want you to get the most out of becoming our patient.

Cosmetic eye surgery won’t stop years from leaving their imprint on your skin. However, it has a long-lasting effect on fighting the worst signs of aging. Check out the list of procedures Dr. Rabinovich performs and leave those sagging eyelids behind:

    Upper eyelid blepharoplasty
    Lower eyelid blepharoplasty
    Combined 4-lid blepharoplasty

Please note that you may face several mild reactions after this surgery, including watering eyes, extreme puffiness, or blurred vision. That’s perfectly normal, and they will disappear swiftly.

Entrust your eye health to the consummate professional

The cost of blepharoplasty may vary from state to state and doctor to doctor. Here, you won’t overpay as we always put your well-being first. Contact us by dialing 1-718-375-6933 or 1-718-865-8159, or drop us a line at to find out more about our prices for blepharoplasty in Brooklyn and make an appointment that will change your life for good!

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