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Bell’s Palsy

You may have heard of Bell’s palsy but are not sure what the condition is. It is caused by a problem with nerves which affect the facial muscles. Bell’s palsy causes partial paralysis and weakness of muscles on just a single side of the face. People suffering from Bell’s palsy may have a smile that seems uneven, one half of…

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Graves’ Disease and the Eyes

The thyroid gland is located at the front area of the neck. Its function is to make hormones that control how the body converts food to energy (metabolism). In some people, their immune system interferes with their thyroid, causing it to produce an excess of hormones. It is this excess production of hormones that is known as Graves’ Disease, or…

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Almost everyone has experienced a twitching eyelid at some point in their lives. When it continues for a longer time period it can be quite an annoyance. So what is an eyelid twitch? Also called a tic, it is a spasm of the eyelid. Coming on suddenly, an eyelid twitch can be very brief and last just for a few…

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