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1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds

The office of Dr. Alexander Rabinovich is a provider of 1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds.
Caring for the population is one of the missions that fell on the shoulders of doctors, including plastic surgeons, where caring for the elderly is a topic of no small importance. In addition, the availability of the plastic surgery, regardless of age and position, has become an important issue of our time.
Eyelid plastic surgery is one of the most common procedures performed today for both cosmetic and functional purposes. It is needed not only to hide skin changes that appear with age or to get an attractive and aesthetic appearance. Such kind of surgery is also necessary for conditions that cause excess skin in the upper eyelids, fat herniation in the upper or lower eyelids and drooping of upper eyelids, which in turn causes decreased peripheral vision.
To make plastic surgery available for more people, a number of programs have been developed, which allow absolutely everyone to seek help from health professionals and receive qualified service in a plastic surgery clinic.
The skill and experience of the surgeon are the key to a successful surgery outcome. Trust the right doctor and the obvious effect of oculoplastic surgery will delight you for years. Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rabinovich is a true professional in his field and will help you with solving your problems.
Due to the program that 1199SEIU provides in our medical centers, eyelid plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery are available to everyone who needs it. You can find us in New York City area at the following addresses. Please be aware to contact the support service for all questions regarding 1199SEIU membership.
The 1199SEIU program allows specialists to restore eye functionality to more people. Oculoplastic surgery is available to any 1199SEIU patient who wants to improve his appearance and health status.

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